viernes, 28 de enero de 2011


Breathe you don't need anything else tonight, you're  not gonna die because die is too easy and nothing is easy and theres the time when I go back to my true self, my misery and destructive self, my  memory come back and I pretend again lies coming out of my mouth, tears flowing out of my eyes, the cycle stars again I'm tired of this all my life is being like this I wish could stop for a moment to let me breathe, for let my heart in peace for as while.
The questions star again and I just denied, I'm a crazy, this is feeling bad in the deep  of me, all of this I avoided for so long and now is coming back, the unhappiness, the pain, the cuts, the blood, the smoke, the lonely.
I'm gonna lie again I gonna pretend that everything is ok, when the true is that y feel empty and the secrets hurts, some how I live of lies and always sooner o later they always hurt, all my paranoias, all my defects, all the stupid things that I do.
And I'm sorry not for me, for them because I'm already lost but they don't, and I take them with me under the craziness, the pain and the tears.

1 comentario:

  1. Lo que mas duele es saber que lastimamos a las personas que amamos :c
    Lo entiendo.
    El ciclo comienza de nuevo, no?
    :c ojala pudieras/pudieramos detenerlo